The day I found out that there was a new donut place open in St-Henri was the very same day that I received an email from my former boss Ryan announcing that he was opening a pie kitchen in St-Henri. That was a good day. For research purposes, I made plans to go check out both Léché Desserts (donuts) and Rustique (pies). Unfortunately, Theo had other plans and we only made it out to Rustique that afternoon but I’m glad we took our time there. I had a chance to catch up with Ryan and my friend Jo who met me there. Rustique is a cozy space where sunlight pours in through the front windows and the smell of freshly baked pies fills the air. They have 49th Parallel Coffee (my fave) and a variety of freshly baked goods including, brace yourselves, bite-sized pies. They’re $1.50 a pop so it’s basically impossible to resist.

I had a chance to check out their kitchen and the pantry was the stuff that dreams are made of! Lemon curd was simmering on the stove top and giant pie dough was being rolled out by pastry chef Tamera. It was a great place to bring a baby and such a great visit. Definitely check it out!

I have yet to visit Léché Desserts in person but, through a series of serendipitous events, I had the absolute privilege of trying chef Josie Weitzenbauer’s donut creations on my birthday and I was blown away. On the morning of my birthday I said to Mike that I was going to go treat myself to some donuts at Léché but he said that they might be closed on a Monday so I opted not to drive all the way there.

So you can imagine my surprise when, later that day, the doorbell rang and Josie herself was standing at my door with a box of fresh donuts! For a split second I wondered if I finally had the ability to make donuts magically appear if I wished for them. Alas, I do not have this superpower (yet). My friend Aleks very thoughtfully arranged for a birthday donut delivery without knowing or my former plans. Such a great surprise! And the donuts? Oh the donuts. The pistachio cream donut was by far the best donut I’ve ever had. Maybe the best thing I’ve ever had. Period. I am going back for more next week. Consider me an addict.

Rustique Pie Kitchen
4615 Notre-Dame Ouest

Léché Desserts
640 de Courcelle