the waiting game


April 24th 2015

Hello hello. I am coming out of my little late pregnancy bubble to give you all a quick update. I met with my doctor earlier this week and she informed me that, unlike my first child, it looks like this little one is planning an early arrival. This 39th week of pregnancy has involved a lot of pre-labor signs but nothing concrete. It can be challenging to not get discouraged every time contractions stop but I am trying to follow everyone’s advice – rest while you can, go for long walks, savor these last fews days as a family of three…I’m also watching a ton of Friends, baking banana muffins, eating said muffins and cleaning every single surface in our house.

I am literally on the edge of my seat, anxiously awaiting for this little man to tell me he’s ready to make his big entrance into the world. We are so ready to meet him. Until then, I will be signing off from the blog. I’ll be sure to return once we’re ready to introduce the newest member of our family (WILD!!). oxo

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Stan Smith Sneakers


April 22nd 2015

I am so happy about this latest footwear trend! Stan Smith sneakers by Adidas (named after an American tennis champ) have been making a big comeback over the past few years and it seems as though just about everyone is sporting them this Spring. I’ve always had a fondness for these shoes, which Adidas first introduced in 1971, because my late grandfather wore them throughout my childhood. I am planning on buying myself a pair this summer because they go with just about everything. I especially love how they look with a maxi dress or distressed boyfriend jeans.


Theo’s new bean bag


April 21st 2015

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I cannot tell you how nice it’s been to see Theo playing and – more importantly – sleeping soundly in his new bedroom. Not only has this transition allowed me to spend some time putting together the nursery for the baby but it has also given Theo a space that is all his own.


Most of his toys remain in the family room downstairs but we’ve brought the majority of his books into the bedroom. We often find him sitting on the floor, singing songs to himself as he flips pages. We also read him his bedtime stories in there, usually with us sitting on pillows on the floor. After a few weeks of him being in his new bedroom on a “full-time” basis, we got a better sense of how he used the space and it dawned on me that what we needed was a comfy reading spot. I had set up a chair with a pouf in one corner but I knew that it wouldn’t get much use. I love me a good Eames chair but they aren’t the kind of seat you want to plop down into. I was struggling to find a seating option that would be kid-friendly and in line with the low-to-the-ground vibe we had going on this room. When the kind folks at Lazy-Life Paris contacted me to see if we might be interested in a bean bag chair, I thought “A bean bag! That’s exactly what we need!” Am I the only one who had completely forgotten about bean bag chairs?


We opted for the popular Sipi model. It’s more pear shaped than the usual square bean bag so the skinnier top makes for a natural back in which to lean into. The handle also make it easier to pull up so the “beans” fall to the bottom and to move this bad boy around. I remember always sinking too low in bean bags but the Sipi keeps its form so it’s more like sitting in a low sofa. It’s also made of synthetic leather so cleaning is a breeze. Not surprisingly, Theo was completely crazy about the new addition to his bedroom. He is always throwing himself into the bean bag and giggling as he rolls off of it. Sometimes he reads peacefully (full disclosure: I had to bribe him with a chocolate covered almond in order to get him to pose for these shots).


And this very pregnant lady just about wept when she sank into the bean bag. It was like all my bones and muscles let out a sigh of relief. If Theo wasn’t so attached, I would consider sleeping in Sipi until the end of this pregnancy.

A big thanks to Lazy-Life Paris for the perfectly-timed gift they sent us!


Weekend Links


April 17th 2015

Brutally honest yet on point doodles of a new mom’s first year at home with her baby.

really great article on advertising to women. Eye-opening and insightful.

This is the cake we made for Mike’s birthday last weekend. YUM.

A stunning cover of one of my favorite songs of all time.

I…am at a loss for words.

Don’t miss the Concordia U seedling sale next month!

Have a lovely weekend! xo


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