We essentially have cable so that I can watch food shows. It used to be all Food Network but then they started to over do it with the cupcake competitions and I got annoyed. So I ordered Gusto, a Canadian food & lifestyle specialty channel that airs some pretty amazing cooking shows that have nothing to do with competing chefs or nasty restaurants (although, to be clear, I am a total Chopped fanatic). They have Donna Hay, Martha Stewart’s new tutorial-based shows (the bomb!), and even old episodes of Julia Child’s shows in all their black & white glory. Many of Gusto’s shows feature chefs from the UK and Australia and the production quality of these programs blows my mind. One of them is Nigel Slater, whose show Simple Suppers, really inspires me to cook with fewer ingredients. The program is great BUT his kitchen is what has me PVR’ing every episode.

I love how one half of the space is this gorgeous shade of mossy green/gray and the other is all white with wood accents. The folding patio doors also blend in perfectly with the lush backyard that is, of course, filled with fresh herbs and vegetables. Nigel, you are living the dream!

{Images via What Katie Does and Hydrangea Girl}