Extra long weekend


April 7th 2015

Mike and I decided to go with the flow this Easter and I am so glad we did. We ate more carbs than is probably recommended (NO REGRETS), watched a lot of cartoons, napped, went for walks, and totally broke away from our weekday routine. Although this is my last week of work before beginning mat leave (WHAT), I definitely felt like my body was thankful that I slowed down a little bit. For a non-napper like myself, napping 2 days in a row is a clear sign that I am wiped.


Although I did take it easy, I did manage to sneak in some spring cleaning and bake. Yes, I baked. And it was actually rather successful. Turns out that when I’m very pregnant, I nap and I bake and it’s glorious. I made these cheese biscuits for Easter brunch and these sticky pecan buns just because it’s Easter and one should always eat sticky pecan buns at Easter. I have no photos because, well, we (I) ate all the evidence. Here’s a picture of our lovely Easter table though.


On Monday, we joined family and friends for a long brunch at Lawrence who, it turns out, make the best scones on Planet Earth. They’re almost like a cronut scone. So buttery and flaky with caramelized edges. Topped with clotted cream and jam…I’m sorry I blacked out there for a minute. Where was I? Oh yes, these scones. To. Die. For.


The highlight of my long weekend, however, was last night. Last night, Mike, Theo and I sat around the table to snack on Easter leftovers. We were listening to great music and joking around. Theo was in a fantastic mood and being all cuddly with me. We talked about the baby and Theo asked a lot of good questions and, when discussing what he would do to help us with the baby, remarked the following: “I will show him my orange scotch tape.” Then he got up to dance around and Mike and I both had tears in our eyes. I think we were both hit by the realization that evenings as a family of three are numbered. We smiled at each other and I knew we were thinking the same thing. We could not be more excited to meet our little guy but it’s also the end of a major chapter in our lives. I would be lying if I said that there wasn’t some anxiety about what the next few weeks will bring.

37 weeks and counting.



Hope you had a lovely long weekend! xo


YP Dine


April 1st 2015

A few months ago I was approached by the folks at Yellow Pages who asked if I would be interested in contributing to a new mobile app they were designing called YP Dine. I was a little reticent at first because I already have a ton of dining apps on my phone already but I was intrigued by their concept. Essentially they were asking Montreal “influencers” (their word, not mine) to make a list of their favorite dining spots in the city. They wanted us to mention smaller, more secret spots that we visit regularly on particular occasions on top of old classics. I had to come up with my own list of occasions like, for example, “A Caffeine Kick” or “A Casual Weekend Brunch” and recommend restaurants that fit the bill. The list of fellow contributors includes some really talented folks, including Montreal chefs. I just love to know where chefs eat on their off days. Anyways, the app is now live and I’m really happy to be a part of it.

You can download it in the App Store for free.

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 9.49.50 AM
Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 9.49.59 AM



March 16th 2015

Mike and I are trying to make the most of these last few weeks as a family of three – “trying” being the operative word here. We had a shaky start on saturday morning (arguments over the messy state of our house, Theo peeing his pants, etc etc) but we still managed to pull it together and drive to our old neighbourhood. I had an appointment for a hair cut and Mike thought he could take Theo out to the market to buy fresh produce and eat chocolate cookies. An hour and a half later, I had a fresh new cut and the boys were on a sugar high so we were all in better spirits.


We decided to treat ourselves to a quick lunch at Fortune, a new-ish spot sandwiched between Mile-End and Little Italy. Fortune specializes in two things – tacos and guédilles (pronounced gay-dee-yuh, sort of). A guédille is a Quebec invention composed of a hot dog bun usually stuffed with chicken, egg or tuna salad and topped with a slaw of some kind; not unlike a lobster roll. Anyways, I had been wanting to try this place for a while and I am so glad we chose to eat there as a family. If you arrive when they open (11h30), the place is pretty quiet and perfect for young children (they offered Theo crayons to draw on the paper tablecloth).


The waiter made a bunch of menu suggestions and we took him up on all of them – fish croquette taco, roasted cauliflower taco, spicy shrimp over cheddar jalapeño grits, pork guédille, and a surprisingly delicious kale salad, because, you know, we’re watching our waistlines and all (please detect my sarcasm here). I also had a Coca-Cola in a bottle and I stand by my theory that the cold glass somehow makes the Coke taste better.

IMG_7045 IMG_7049 IMG_7043

The food was fresh, original and so satisfying. This is exactly the kind of grub that will please pregnant women, people with hangovers and people who are a few hours away from a hangover (think late night snack). Or really just about anybody. Theo adored the tacos and I had to stop myself from ordering 6 more plates of shrimp and grits. Unfortunately we were too stuffed for dessert but I suspect I’ll be heading back to Fortune very soon and this time, I will save room for dessert.



6448 boul. Saint-Laurent

A modern house flip in southwest Montreal


March 12th 2015

I don’t know if I could live in such a modern setting BUT this house transformation is nothing short of impressive. I adore the way that the architects played with natural light. And that kitchen island is straight up sexy. {via Design Milk}

{Photography by Adrien Williams}

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