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November 21st 2014

Looking for a name for your new business? Try the Hipster Business Name Generator!

I’m not totally convinced but this article is some good food for thought

Have you heard of the #feministhackerbarbie movement? Pretty great stuff.

The best part of any Thanksgiving meal (for our friends south of the border).


Have a great weekend! ox

Simple daily pleasures


November 20th 2014

I’ve so enjoyed reading your contest entry comments. It’s been really nice to learn about how other people take a minute to kickstart their day or unwind in the midst of a busy schedule. When our brains are constantly managing to-do’s, grocery lists, and other notes-to-self, it can be hard to leave room in there for simple pleasures. The beautiful thing is that it can take less than a minute to give your brain a boost. I tried to make a list of simple pleasures in my day and I invite you to share your own. This list could also be viewed as proof that I am weird.

  • When I drive into a tunnel, I turn the radio up and challenge myself to continue singing the song while the music cuts out due to the bad signal. If I’m at the right spot in the song when the signal returns, I win.
  • Peeling a clementine in one shot. I view that perfect orange spiral as a point of pride.
  • Yelling out the correct answer to a Jeopardy question before one of the contestants.
  • Parallel parking my car on one of the super narrow streets on the Plateau on the first try. Bonus points in winter and bonus bonus points if there is a line of cars waiting behind you.
  • Cuddling up with my chunker of a cat. She only wants to cuddle me and it’s good for my ego.

// So let’s hear it – what are your simple daily pleasures?

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On coffee breaks – and a BIG giveaway!


November 19th 2014

This post is sponsored by Lavica, who are generously offering a 30% discount on their products (enter ‘LAKEJANE30′ at checkout) and sponsoring a pretty fantastic giveaway – make sure to read all the way to the end of the post for all the info…

Part of parenthood is accepting that lazy, quiet weekend mornings are essentially a thing of the past. I’m a morning person so I don’t mind the dose of natural caffeine that my son injects into our Saturday and Sunday mornings. Although I adore the idea of waking up on a Saturday morning, pouring myself a cup of coffee, and slowly sipping it in front of a newspaper in a sun-drenched living room, I could count on one hand the amount of times that this fantasy has been realized in the last 2+ years. And that’s ok. If I can’t have a Saturday or Sunday morning to myself, I will find another time to indulge in some quiet time. Lately, that time is on a weekday afternoon. Now that I work freelance, I’m often running around all day, going from one meeting to the next and eating lunch on the go. I love the spontaneity and craziness of my routine but I think it’s important to know when to take a break.  Some days, things run smoothly and I manage to make it home in the afternoon. If work permits, I take an hour to myself. This hour involves making myself a really elaborate coffee (decaf these days), eating something with a high-sugar content, and watching an episode of Chopped on PVR reading a good book.  Taking a moment to just be still feels like such an indulgence.


Since this incredible Lavica espresso machine came into our lives, coffee breaks have reached a whole new level of indulgence. I like my coffee strong with a ton of frothy milk – also known as a latte. To be able to make one at home in under 2 minutes is nothing short of miraculous (and addictive). Also, whoever invented those electric milk frothers should have a street named after him or her.


The machine also brews a single serve cup of tea, which means I don’t have to wait for the kettle to brew, which means that I can be sitting in front of Chopped of a classic novel, cup of tea in hand, in less than 1 minute. It’s the little things people.


And guess what? The kind folks at Lavica are offering one very lucky Lake Jane reader the chance to WIN a Lavica Espresso machine, milk frother and 60 espresso and tea capsules!

To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment below explaining when and how you take a weekly or daily coffee/tea break. The giveaway ends on Wednesday, November 26th 2014 at midnight. The winner will be announced on Thursday, November 27th.*


Good luck!

*Contest open to Canadian and US residents only.

Around here


November 18th 2014

Remember last week when I shared how our furnace had leaked oil and then the toaster burst into flames? Well, as they say, bad things come in threes (or something like that). While I was in Ottawa this past weekend, my poor husband was awoken at 3am by the sound of shattering glass. He ran down the stairs in a sleepy daze to find that it wasn’t an intruder but that the old laundry shoot door had fallen off its hinges and plummeted down the stairs, shattering the tall mirror that once hung there. How weird is that?! And what is up with this house?

So now I have to buy a new mirror and a new toaster. But I rather focus on the pretty wallpaper I have to find for the entryway. The one I had chosen isn’t working out (long story) and I have about 3 days to find a replacement. I accept the challenge but I am a little cynical. In other Entryway Renovation News (for the record, if this were a TV show, I would totally watch it), things are progressing really well.


The floor tile is down and looking sooo pretty, despite needing a good wash. The image above shows the un-grouted tile. We went with a small grey marble tile and dark grey grout. Although marble can be slippery when wet, these tiles are so small that there are enough grout lines to prevent slipping. The white specs are also great for hiding salt stains and other fun winter inevitables.

The built-in cabinets are in place and they have totally confirmed that this was the right move. They still need to be painted, hardware needs to be installed, etc but I am so pleased with the finishing. We’ve actually freed up 2 feet of space and it makes a world of difference. Like, 2 adults can now stand side by side in the entryway. You can actually see where the wall used to be in the image below – the darker plaster line dividing the white from the lighter grey.



I will share more about how this whole design came together when I have full before and after pics, but it’s nice to share some pics with you guys in the meantime. Tomorrow, new drywall goes up on one side. Not the most exciting day but progress people, progress.

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