Baby essentials – revisited


May 26th 2015

I put together the Lake Jane Baby Essentials Guide after Theo was born and I still get emails about it three years later. I’m so glad that it proved useful to many of you, including some of my close girlfriends. Like me, they felt overwhelmed the minute they set foot in a Babies r’ Us and I wanted to simplify the shopping process. I thought it would be fun to revisit the guide now that I have baby #2 (Click on this link for full list of sources).

I am happy to report that we are still using just about everything newborn-related on this list. Currently, in the newborn phase, the items we’re using the most (read: daily) are the Dwell Studio muslin swaddle blankets (#7 on the list), the Miracle Blanket (#6), the SpaBaby tub (#10), the Medela Swing pump (#18) and Quick Clean bags (#22), and the Grass Countertop Drying Rack (#23). Of course we still love the Mico Car Seat (#4) and City Mini Stroller (#2). They have gotten a TON of use (with our first born and our friends’ baby too) and are still in great condition. I still adore Souris Verte products and I think that their diaper rash cream is one of the best out there. I am just having a hard time finding it in any store!

So what would I change or add to this list? For starters, I think I underestimated how many newborn size onesies one needs. We have a lot of 0-3 month old stuff over here but not enough Newborn size clothing. I didn’t want to buy very much with Theo because I figured they wouldn’t last long but the bottom line is that you need the small stuff in the first month or so. We had to run out and buy more shortly after Van’s arrival. My new favourites are those without the pesky tiny buttons that no one can do up properly in the wee hours of the morning. A footed newborn size onesie with zipper is definitely my preference. I love the ones from Baby Gap (but I only buy them on sale – sign up for the newsletter to get a head’s up on deals).

I would add the Baby K’tan carrier, particularly for the newborn phase. Although I am a big fan of the Ergo, I find the Baby K’tan lighter and less bulky. It’s perfect for carrying a tiny little newborn babe. It’s also easier to clean and feels like a t-shirt.

MORE NURSING TOPS AND BRAS. Again, I totally forgot that I own like 2 nursing tops and I am finding myself alternating between the two as Mike does load after load of laundry. Target made some pretty amazing nursing tanks and I am cursing myself for not stocking up before they abandoned Canada. I still adore my Mom’Zelle ones though but they are on the pricey side.

// What are your newborn/baby essentials? I’d love to hear about your must-have items!


Lake Jane loves…


May 21st 2015

…Australian shoe brand Hobes. Founder Georgia Hobart developed footwear that offers wardrobe staples with longevity. These shoes are handmade, unisex, and ultra lightweight. Hobes are constructed from traditional Italian techniques, using quality, soft natural fibres and they’ll go with just about anything. I just adore these shoes and wish I had them in every color. And don’t get me started on how cute the kids ones are.

He’s here and he’s home


May 19th 2015


Sullivan Francis Johnson, aka. “Van”.

Born May 9th and weighing 7 lbs. 10 oz.

I definitely jinxed myself by exclaiming that the baby might make an early appearance! Sullivan was born 11 days late ha! I had to be induced, which was disappointing but I was pretty excited to not be pregnant anymore and, more importantly, to finally meet this baby of ours. My first experience with an induced birth was far from pleasant (read: traumatizing) so I was going into this ready to face quite a lengthy and difficult battle. Thankfully, things were so different this time around. I was induced at 10am and Van was born at 5h42pm. I was up and walking around shortly after giving birth. Breastfeeding, albeit painful, happened almost immediately. I couldn’t believe it. It was a good thing that I was in fine form physically because after 2 great days at home with our little guy, he had to be re-admitted to hospital for a possible cord infection. It all happened very suddenly and unexpectedly and I cried every tear in my body. He spent 4 long days in the nursery, hooked up to an IV. Our families rallied and surrounded Theo with lots of love and ice cream while we spent 12 hour days in the dark hospital nursing room we commandeered since they had no spare bedrooms for us to hunker down in. We took Van home on Saturday and it felt like Christmas.


We’ve now had 3 days to settle into a new routine as a family of four and it’s been amazing. It’s so true what they say about it being easier the second time around. Despite the complications and delicate balancing act we faced in Van’s first week, I find myself so much more present and able to soak in every moment of this little one’s first few weeks of life. We trust our instincts and they are serving us well. More importantly, he is healthy and he is home.

Thank you for all your kind words of encouragement over the last month. I am truly sorry about the extended absence. Now let’s get back to business shall we?

Meve xo

the waiting game


April 24th 2015

Hello hello. I am coming out of my little late pregnancy bubble to give you all a quick update. I met with my doctor earlier this week and she informed me that, unlike my first child, it looks like this little one is planning an early arrival. This 39th week of pregnancy has involved a lot of pre-labor signs but nothing concrete. It can be challenging to not get discouraged every time contractions stop but I am trying to follow everyone’s advice – rest while you can, go for long walks, savor these last fews days as a family of three…I’m also watching a ton of Friends, baking banana muffins, eating said muffins and cleaning every single surface in our house.

I am literally on the edge of my seat, anxiously awaiting for this little man to tell me he’s ready to make his big entrance into the world. We are so ready to meet him. Until then, I will be signing off from the blog. I’ll be sure to return once we’re ready to introduce the newest member of our family (WILD!!). oxo

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