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November 27th 2014

Apparently when you’re part of a very successful band (Coldplay, in this case), you have the means to transform your home into a dream. I love all the warm wood, matte black and contrasting textures in Jonny Buckland’s home, featured in Elle Décor.


This and that


November 26th 2014

A quick reminder that today is the last day to enter the Lavica giveaway. The lucky winner will win a Lavica Espresso machine, milk frother and 60 capsules. I’ll be announcing the winner here on the blog on Friday morning. Good luck!

I’m very excited to be hosting a media event as part of the Montreal #UnwrapEtsy Holiday Pop-Up Shop, which opens tomorrow! I’ll be hosting a DIY workshop for media and bloggers but the event will be open to the public so if you’re in the area, please stop by to say hello! I will also be selecting some of my favourite featured items, so look for ‘Lake Jane Picks’ throughout the popup.

#UnwrapEtsy’s Montreal Pop-Up Shop will be open until December 3rd and it’s a great place to find unique gifts by local artists.


Also, Theo has taken to dressing like Buzz Lightyear and it’s the greatest thing ever.



Pregnancy, the second time around


November 25th 2014

I’m 18 weeks along today. Is anyone in possession of a machine capable of slowing down time because I would really like to borrow one.

Time seemed to stand still when I was pregnant with Theo. I was so consumed with the pregnancy and basically ready to welcome him home by the time I was 15 weeks pregnant (and I use the term “ready” rather loosely here”). This time around, I have yet to do anything to “prepare” for the arrival of our little one. In fact, I forget I’m pregnant half of the time. It’s only when I find myself short of breath after climbing one set of stairs or struggling to find any clothes that fit in the morning that I remember that we have a baby on the way. This is happening. You are pregnant. This thought gives me butterflies in the pit of my stomach. 90% is excitement, 10% is nervousness. It was probably 10-90 when I was pregnant with Theo, so that’s an improvement.


I’m often asked if pregnancy is different the second time around and for me, it certainly has been. The pregnancy itself had been more challenging physically but the difference is most apparent in my attitude. I am definitely more confident and relaxed about the whole thing. I have yet to open a single book or google any pregnancy-related topics. Although I do have moments of panic about being a mother of two or about not having done a single thing to prep for the arrival of another child in our home, I know that we’ll just make it work. We don’t really have a choice now do we? But also, having done the whole newborn thing before, I’ve learned that a baby doesn’t need many things. It needs loving arms, food and lots o’ sleep. I think that’s how I remember it anyways.

The other questions I’m asked often are:

- Will you be finding out the gender? Yup. I am way too curious not to find out. We should know in a few weeks.

- Do you have a feeling about what you’re having? I sure do but I’m keeping that to myself for now.

- When are you due? The last week of April but I think it will be more like mid-May.

- Is Theo aware of the baby? We’ve started to discuss this with him and he seems to be very excited albeit slightly puzzled. He claims to see the baby in the my belly button and is convinced that the baby will be in my belly forever.  Yesterday he piled legos on my belly and said he was playing with his baby. What a guy.


// I’m curious, was pregnancy different the second time around for you?



IKEA’s Greatest Hits Collection


November 24th 2014

Did you guys see this? IKEA is celebrating its 70th birthday by launching a limited edition collection called ARGANG which includes “greatest hits” selections of furniture and accessories. The 26 piece collection is launching this month but will not be available in all stores. It’s best to call ahead to make sure your local IKEA will be carrying ARGANG. Supplies will be limited so hurry hurry if you don’t want to miss out!

{Images via Apartment Therapy}


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