Weekend Links + Happy Halloween


October 31st 2014

I just dropped my little fireman (for the second year in a row) at daycare and I just about died as I saw all the little kiddos walking to school in their adorable costumes. Too much cuteness! Years of living in the city made me forget what Halloween is like in the suburbs and I must say, I am pretty excited for tonight. Whatever you’re up to this Halloween night, going out to a costume party (I’m jealous) or trick or treating with the kids, I hope you have a blast! ox

The Gospel of Parenthood according to Tina and Amy.

Easy Halloween snacks for kids.

I could have told you that. Why sad music is best for a bad mood.

An unusual pasta dish that really appeals to me. Gonna try it soon.

Oof. A very moving essay written by one inspiring mother.


Have a great weekend! ox

That Mother/Son Bond


October 30th 2014

Note: Thank you so so so so much for all the love you sent our way after our little announcement on Monday. We were really touched by all the sweet comments on the blog, FB and Instagram. xo

These last couple of weeks, being Theo’s mother has had its fair share (I’m being kind here) of challenging moments. I keep reminding myself that “this is typical for a two year old” and that “this is just a phase” but MAN ALIVE. Beyond the typical pushing of boundaries and testing of limits, he has started to be extremely clingy. At first, I thought it was adorable. But when he started to throw a fit when I said I was going to take a shower, the charm wore off. He is also being quite mean to his father. He tells him he doesn’t want him, he only wants “maman”. My heart aches for Mike, who obviously takes it a little personally.


I am using every ounce of patience I have to be there for him and to be understanding but, you know, some days that is more difficult to do than others. I am also acutely aware that Theo is not blind to the fact that there is another baby on the way and that some things are changing. Although I don’t think that he fully understands what it means to have a baby in one’s belly (he also claims to have one in his), he’s a smart kid who feels that changes are coming on. I definitely think that this explains a lot of his behaviour. I feel like he’s hanging onto me for fear that I will somehow not be as present when the baby arrives – I may or may not be projecting my own fears here. Although I know that my son certainly does not lack for attention, it breaks my heart to think that he might feel like I am abandoning him in a way. Letting go is an inevitability in parenting but it’s a heartbreaker isn’t it?


Our lovely daycare provider tells me that she experienced something identical when she was pregnant with her second child. In fact, she says that she didn’t know she was pregnant yet when her first born began acting out out of the blue. She finally put two and two together when she got the news. She is positive that her child sensed a change. She is also convinced that this explains why Theo is regressing and acting out. It’s an interesting theory; one that definitely speaks to the incredible bond between a mother and child.

I’m curious, how did you prepare your first born for the arrival of a sibling? And did you notice a change in your first born’s behaviour when you were pregnant with your second?

Fun home accessories


October 29th 2014

I’ve been quite busy with design consultations lately and I suspect it’s because people are preparing to hibernate. We’re much more motivated to tackle indoor projects when hanging outdoors becomes less appealing. All this to say that I’ve been doing a lot of window shopping and I’ve bookmarked a few amazing finds that I wanted to share with you:

I adore these new marble shelves with polished brass brackets. They would look amazing in a kitchen or bathroom. Great price too!{Marble wall-mounted shelf from CB2}

This pillow is gigantic and a great way to fill out a bed in need of more pillows. It would also look nice on an old shabby couch in need of a modern touch. {Geometric print extra long pillow by Beaver Canoe from Target}

It’s SO difficult to find flush mounted ceiling lamps that aren’t outdated. I feel like so many people end up settling for a ceiling light that they don’t love for lack of having great options. Well, these new flush mount lamps from CB2 are the answer to my prayers. They come in white and black and I could not love them more. {Bell white flush mount lamp from CB2}

Oh these? These are just the most beautiful salt and pepper grinders in the world. That’s all. {Craft mill via DWR}

It’s a coffee table, it’s an ottoman, it’s a seat – it’s everything. The wooden tray can be removed if you need extra seating transforming the piece into a pouf, foot rest or launching pad for your children. I adore versatile pieces like these! {Drum Pouf via DWR}


Little news


October 28th 2014

“Little” as in about lemon-sized..

I’m pregnant! Due last week of April. We are so so so excited (and slightly terrified) at the prospect of having two children. Some days we still can’t believe we even have one!


The first trimester was challenging. I was busier than ever but all I wanted to do was eat cold pizza and sleep everywhere and anywhere. It essentially felt like a three month long hangover. Totally different from my first pregnancy where I had not one symptom. But I am slowly starting to regain my energy and my food aversions (to basically everything that isn’t white and highly processed) are becoming more reasonable. Case in point: two nights ago I ate 4 devilled eggs in bed at 9h30pm. Things are looking up!


I am so happy to finally share this piece of news with you guys. I should warn you that there will probably be more baby-related posts in the near future – and hopefully, more food posts.  xo


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