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February 27th 2015

I made these muffins and they are deee-licious and make a great breakfast on-the-go. Theo loves them too.

For all the single ladies. Or not. Nothing wrong with looking right?

The myth of skinny = happy.

Talk about a cool job.

Have a great weekend! ox



February 26th 2015

I used to say that “if I could eat one kind of cuisine every day for the rest of my life, it would be Indian.” But then, with this pregnancy, I’ve eaten a whole lot of Indian food and discovered that one can, in fact, overdose on Indian food. The good news is that I’ve figured out what cuisine can replace my beloved Indian – Middle Eastern food. Mike and I have always adored the smokey, spicy, fresh flavors of Middle Eastern dishes. There’s such a beautiful balance of textures and colours in this cuisine but it’s not easy to find the real deal. Montreal has a couple of great Middle Eastern restaurants (Turkish, Syrian, Lebanese) but as far as I’m concerned, we could do with more.


Luckily, some restauranteurs agreed with me and opened Sumac, a Middle Eastern food counter in St-Henri. I’m tempted to say that it’s one my favorite lunch spots in town. Well I did say it, about 78 times, as I ate my way through several plates of food yesterday. Mike met me at Sumac for my birthday lunch yesterday and we went to town: Sebich platter (mezze with hummus, aubergine, warm salad, cucumber and mint salad, fresh pita, hard-boiled egg, relish…), beef falafel sandwich, and HUMMUS FRIES WITH SUMAC. You guys, the food was phenomenal.

IMG_0225 IMG_0221IMG_0226 IMG_0223

We ate everything but we definitely overdid it. So worth it though. SO worth it. I love that you can order and pay at the counter, eat and then walk out. It’s perfect for a quick bite to eat between meetings or a more leisurely meal with girlfriends. The space is also really bright and casual. I can’t say enough good things about Sumac. (I’m so hungry right now).

*Beware of the crazy lineup that starts around 12h30. I recommend arriving around 11h30 or after 1h30pm to avoid the wait.


3618 Notre Dame O.
Montreal, Quebec
H4C 1P5

DIY Face + Body Scrub


February 25th 2015

I have been dealing with some seriously dry skin this winter. Namely on my face. Maybe it’s because it’s been -25 (MINIMUM) for the last few weeks. Maybe it’s because I constantly wear itchy wool hats that soak every ounce of moisture from my forehead. Maybe it’s because of crazy pregnancy hormones. Regardless, it’s been unpleasant and I’ve been trying everything to get it under control. One of the easiest and more effective at-home remedies has been this little scrub I whipped up one day. I wanted to find an all-natural solution that required no specialty ingredients.


This is a 3 ingredient scrub that not only feels amazing but it also tastes great (should some of the mixture happen to fall into your mouth. Just saying.). On particularly bad days, I add some Vitamin E oil to the mix and my skin feels extra soft afterwards. I make this as needed so the amounts below are for 1 to 2 uses. You could substitute the olive oil for coconut or avocado oil.

DIY Face + Body Scrub

1 tbsp coarse sugar

1 tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp honey

Mix the ingredients together until they form a coarse paste and apply to your face and/or body in a circular motion.

I like to let it sit on there for a few minutes so that my skin can soak up all that good stuff.

Remove with a warm, moist facecloth.

(And you are so welcome for the incredibly appetizing image below.)


Brown Eggs & Jam Jars


February 24th 2015

For someone who doesn’t follow recipes, I sure do own a lot of cookbooks. I read them like novels; pouring over the images and reading through the instructions. My latest must-have cookbook is written by Montreal’s own Aimée Wimbush-Bourque. I had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with Aimée last summer when I styled an upcoming story for Better Homes & Gardens. She had just wrapped work on her first cookbook, Brown Eggs & Jam Jars, and was preparing for its launch in early 2015. Well, that time has come! The book launched a few weeks ago and it’s as inspiring as Aimée is.

If you love a good food blog, you’re probably familiar with Simple Bites, the blog she started a few years ago. Both the blog and the cookbook share her urban homesteading lifestyle, stories about her family’s culinary adventures, and of course her delicious family-focused recipes. One of the things that impressed me most about Aimée, besides her dill pickles, was how beautifully she integrated this notion of the “urban homestead” into a suburban household. They harvest their eggs from their own chicken coup, they pickle and preserve just about everything they grow in their backyard and they really make time to gather around a table together as a family. Brown Eggs & Jam Jars contains wonderful tips, tricks and simple ideas about canning, batch cooking, having fun with kids in the kitchen and homesteading staples.

A big CONGRATS to Aimée! (I cannot look at that cover without aggressively craving pancakes)

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