My latest Home Sense campaign


October 24th 2014

I wanted to end the week on a fun note so here are the final images from my latest What’s Your Style campaign for Home Sense, which is now LIVE! The print ads will also appear in a variety of magazines, which should start hitting stores shelves in the next few weeks. This campaign was all about creating fun, festive spaces in which to entertain and I was more than happy to channel my inner Christmas keener to bring them to life. We wanted to focus on entertaining without being too in-your-face with the Holiday stuff so it was a good challenge to find ways of integrating festive touches without screaming THE HOLIDAYS ARE HERE. I was also tasked with showcasing the bar cart. How very old school. I chose this beautiful brass cart with glass shelves and immediately began to brainstorm who would live in the two vignettes I was designing.

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 10.21.17 AM

In a very surprising turn of events, I went with all-out colour for one of the spaces and it turned out to be my favourite vignette I’ve designed so far! “Bold & Cultured” is all about jewel tones, high-end finishes and scotch. Lots of scotch. I imagine this couple to be slightly eccentric, well-travelled, and great hosts. I mean, if you have a fully stocked bar at your disposal, you clearly know how to throw a decent dinner party.

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 10.23.47 AM

We also came up with a really soft look, named “Pretty & Layered”. This one felt very cozy and intimate with lots of interesting little details that told a story. I imagined a fashionable homeowner who loves to entertain casually and on-the-fly. She/he also shares in my passion for matching wrapping paper to one’s décor.

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 10.23.01 AM

As with the previous campaign, you are invited to check out the site, explore the spaces, watch me use too many adjectives in the videos, and vote for your favourite space. You could win a $2,500 shopping spree at Home Sense.


About yesterday


October 23rd 2014

As most of you probably heard/saw yesterday ALL OVER the news, there was a horrible shooting in my hometown of Ottawa yesterday and another incident outside of Montreal on Monday. I happened to be watching the news yesterday morning when it all started to pour onto the screens and it was so disheartening to see such horror taking place in locations that are so familiar to me, my friends, my family. My brother-in-law is also a Reservist and it’s hard not to take an act like this personally.

Terrorizing yourself with first-hand accounts, graphic tweets, images, and heart-wrenching stories can become addictive. It’s like that thing about staring at a car crash. I’ve decided to stop looking at the news photo galleries and to not watch anymore news coverage. I’ve seen the images and I’ve read the accounts. They’re all difficult to digest. Some of them, I think, should have never been shared in the first place. Today, I am choosing to focus on not letting fear creep in and, more importantly, on gratitude. I am grateful that I live in this country. It is flawed but it is generous, open, and free. When you grow up somewhere where these qualities are a given, you tend to take it for granted. Yesterday was a reminder of how lucky we are that events such as these are so uncommon here and, at the same time, that this world of ours is much smaller than we think. Let’s be kind to one another.

Lake Jane loves…


October 21st 2014

Ndoto cotton bedding for kiddos (apparently I’m on a bedding kick this week…). I adore the soft peach pink and light mint tones of their collection! The subtle patterns will suit every décor. And, bonus, the sheets are made to fit IKEA beds!

Fit for a king


October 20th 2014

I’ve always been a fan of all-white bedding. There’s just something about a hotel-style bed that I find so welcoming. We’ve had all-white bedding for  many years now and although I still love it, I feel like it’s time to add some contrast to the mix. After all, a bed is the focal point of any bedroom and, at the moment, ours lacks personality.

I often tell my clients that you should divide a bed up into thirds – The Header (pillows), The Middle (duvet, sheets, etc), and The Footer (throw or blanket). Obviously this is a more traditional approach to making a bed but I really do think that giving a bed some extra attention can transform a bedroom. Mixing patterns and textures will definitely give it that “finished” look so many people crave.




Methinks it’s about time I followed my own advice. So I’m on the hunt for a king-sized blanket in a contrasting texture and colour(s). Turns out that’s not all that easy (or affordable)…

{Faribault Wool Throw via West Elm}

{Linen Blanket via Linencrafts}

{Gauze Stitched Blanket via West Elm}

{Wool and Angora Blanket via Alpaca Blankets}


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