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January 29th 2015

I’ve been dealing with some back/nerve pain lately – pregnancy, you are full of wonderful surprises – but the upside of that has been all the TV I’ve been able to watch. Mike and I have an ongoing list of television series that we need to start (to give you an idea of how far behind we are: we still haven’t finished Breaking Bad…) and I also have one of my very own, 50% of it involves terrible reality television and the rest is all food-related. I wanted to share a few of my recent food tube obsessions and I invite you to share yours!

The Great British Bake-Off. I know, I know, this is old news but I finally got around to watching episode 2 weeks ago and now I’m 3 seasons in. If you enjoy reality cooking shows and close up shots of baked goods (WHO DOESN’T?!) then this show is a MUST. I think I’ve gained 10 pounds since I started binge watching this show but it is so worth it.

Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook. I’ve followed Rachel’s work and own one of her cookbooks but her television programs are new to me. She brings the same charm and enthusiasm in person as she does in books. What can I say, I love a girl who loves to eat.

Mind of a Chef. This is a Netflix discovery and Mike is as into it as I am. Producer Anthony Bourdain teamed up with some of his chef friends to create this quirky but highly addictive show. I feel like I learn so much in every episode. Warning: Season 1 will make you crave Japanese so badly that you may lose sleep.



A food stylist’s kitchen


January 27th 2015

I love to peek inside the kitchens of chefs and food stylists to see how they organize their counters and plan out their spaces. The Toronto home of chef and food stylist Claire Stubbs is filled with the most amazing details. I love the mix of marble and wood in her renovated Victorian home. Everything seems to have its place , which I find incredibly satisfying. More in Issue 53 of Covet Garden. {Pics via Style Files}


that old familiar song?


January 26th 2015

Mr. Jones by the Counting Crows is one of those songs that you think you know by heart because you’ve heard it a million times but, in actuality, if you’re around a campfire with a bunch of friends, sharing too many beers and some guitar sing-alongs and someone suggests singing Mr.Jones, you quickly realize that no one knows that song by heart. You know some of the words, you know part of the chorus, but you can’t actually sing it word for word, from beginning to end. It’s a lot of drunken mumbling punctuated by words that rhyme.


I am using this very strange analogy to express how I feel about welcoming a second baby. I feel like I only sort of know the words to the chorus. I’ve been told that it will be like riding a bicycle but I genuinely don’t remember anything. “It’ll all come back to you when the baby arrives.”  I don’t know about that. This baby might not be anything like Theo. And life can throw in complications and I certainly don’t take anything for granted. My friend was asking me when I started feeding Theo solids or when we started to night wean and I had no idea. There was a lot of “I think it was around 6 months…” or “ummm, maybe at 9 months?” It feels like a lifetime ago! The good news, is that I’m not all that worried about it. I’m saying things like “we’ll figure it out.” This is very odd. I love plans. I don’t like winging anything. But I am keenly aware that no amount of preparation can actually prepare you for the birth of a child.


I am anxious about how we’ll balance everything in our lives but I feel strangely peaceful about the actual baby part. I suppose that comes from having done this once before. I know what can go wrong. I know that I can’t control everything (read: anything). This was a lesson I learned the hard way with Theo and I am kind of excited to see what it will be like to have a newborn without all of the unknown. I expect it will all feel familiar and new all at once. My goal is to cut myself some slack and to try to enjoy the moment a little bit more. With Theo, I was so caught up in what I should be doing, instead of just being. I remember it as a very anxious and chaotic time. I’m hoping I’ll be able to soak in those precious newborn days a bit more this time around.

// I’d love to hear how you felt when you welcomed your second child. Was it a completely different experience?  


Weekend Links


January 23rd 2015

I’m so happy I’m not married to this man but this looks like a whole lot of fun – at someone else’s house.

Night weaning your baby in 50 simple steps (full of delightful sarcasm).

So many great food-related articles on this site.

This is everything I would want/expect a midcentury house in Portland to be.

Have a great weekend! xo

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