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October 17th 2014

A Tumblr called Drunk J Crew – I know you’re curious…

This artist transformed Starbucks cups into works of art.

Not yet available outside of the US but a sweet idea nonetheless.

My friend Julia sent me this post and I love how the author expresses herself. Great blog too.

A baby sleep cheat sheet for all you new mamas.


Have a lovely weekend! ox


Bathroom dreams


October 16th 2014

I have a question. Did people in the 80′s only have access to one style of cabinet doors? Those white melamine doors with orange wood top trim? Maybe it’s a Canadian thing but I feel like every house I ever played in as a child had them in both the bathroom and kitchen. Now we have the great pleasure of having them in our un-renovated bathroom. Here are some pics I took the day we got the keys.



IMG_1232 IMG_1234

Prior to moving in, I painted all the wood trim white, which helped quite a bit. We are lucky that the previous homeowners opted for black and white tiles instead of peach or pink. I don’t think I could have lived with that. Nonetheless, I still fantasize about gutting this space and making it more functional. The room itself is actually a decent size and there is so much potential! One day, one day….







social media confessions


October 15th 2014

Lately it seems like every time we go to my cottage, I have some sort of epiphany. It usually happens when I take a walk in the woods – I need to live by water! We need another cat! I should go blonde!  Unfortunately, the enthusiasm I feel for this epiphany in the moment, slowly wanes during the drive back into the city. This weekend’s epiphany went something like: I am done with social media! And for about 2 hours, I really meant it. Then I got back to the cottage and browsed Instagram. Ugh.


I know why I felt that way though. Lately the pull towards these social media platforms lacks the excitement it once had. It’s become a reflex. Something to do. Facebook lost its appeal for me about 5 years ago. I barely ever post anything on there anymore yet I can’t seem to completely cut myself off.  There are hundreds upon hundreds of images of me on there, documenting moments of my life and I have a hard time letting those go. And I still like to kill time by creepily browsing my news feed and peeking into people’s lives; people who I most likely haven’t spoken to or seen in years. The whole thing makes me feel a tad yucky. But I still do it. Waiting at the doctor’s office or in line at the grocery store.


I never got on the Twitter bandwagon but Instagram has become an absolute addiction. I love the visual aspect of the platform and I still get a kick out of following people’s days through snapshots. However, I do find that I follow a lot of people (strangers) who I love to hate on. People who only post selfies, who brag about what they have, who appear on reality shows – I secretly judge them. But I follow them nonetheless. I know, it’s terrible.


And then there are the people I follow who make me feel bad about myself; whose lives seem so perfect and worry-free. I follow them and compare myself to them. Even though I know that one image does not paint a picture of anyone’s life and that everyone has their own baggage, I still allow my insecurities to tell me that “they” are better/happier.  A total waste of time but it’s addictive. Recently, I started to unfollow the folks who fall into either of those categories in hopes of getting back to the essence of Instagram – getting inspired and sharing moments in time. Again, I am kind of failing miserably but I am trying…

I suppose the first step with addiction is acknowledging that you have a problem.


// Have you changed your social media habits? Is it a guilty pleasure for you or something you use purely to communicate with friends?



Happy Thanksgiving (and I’m sorry)


October 10th 2014

Good morning! Let me begin by apologizing for the lack of posts this week and for the “suspended account” page that appeared on the blog as of yesterday. Apparently I forgot to pay for my hosting last month. Awesome. Anyhoot, that’s fixed now and I am wrapping up what can only be described as a stupidly busy week/two weeks/month/summer. I was in Toronto for about 4 hours yesterday to wrap up some fun work things and now I am taking a solid 4 days off to catch up with family and cuddle times with my boys. I will be back next week and I promise to be a better blogger. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! xo

P.S. – How pretty is the Quebec countryside from the plane?





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