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July 23rd 2014

*UPDATE: The kind folks at Whistle & Flute are offering LJ readers a 10% discount code. Simple enter ‘LAKEJANE’ at checkout :)

Whistle & Flute. This adorable line of children’s clothing is based in Victoria, British-Columbia but you can order their stuff online (I believe you can find it at Montreal’s own Comme des Enfants). I love the sweet slogans and stylish designs of their pieces and the fact that most of their stuff is unisex. Their stuff is printed on American Apparel gear, which always holds up really well in the wash. The matching mom and baby sweatshirt set is maybe my most favorite thing in the collection/Theo’s worst nightmare.



simple summer memories


July 22nd 2014

Can you believe it’s almost August??

A few weeks ago, I was telling Mike that I felt like “we should be creating amazing family memories with our child, like going to a zoo or renting a cottage in Maine, but it seems like all we do is hang out in the backyard or the park and run around trying to catch up on life.” I was being a little dramatic but my point was that I felt bad that we hadn’t planned anything special with the kiddo this summer (money, time, etc etc). My patient husband reminded me that we are creating memories. They’re just not glamorous or Instagram worthy. He’s totally right. Some of my favorite childhood memories are the simplest – riding my bike up and down my street to the sound of sprinklers; collecting rocks at the lake; camping out in a friends’ backyard. So why do I always feel like I’m not doing enough? Because that’s how I roll apparently. I have a very logical, down-to-earth side to my brain and another that is tormented by guilt. It’s annoying and in the grand scheme of things, incredibly silly.

Since that little talk, I’ve been trying to bet better at reminding myself of what I valued as a child – a feeling of safety, encouragement, Barbies, room to explore and discover, time to play and to just be a kid.


With this in mind, we have been trying to sneak in some quality time whenever and wherever we can. It rarely involves spending money and requires no planning. Sometimes it’s as simple as driving down to the local ice cream shop for a cone after dinner. We let Theo burn off the sugar in the park afterwards. Watching Mike and Theo run around, laughing until their bellies hurt, is nothing short of memorable. On days where an outing isn’t possible, I do my best to share an unplanned moment with my boy. It can be as simple as enjoying a piece of watermelon on the front steps or letting him spray me with the hose (not my favorite but he’s a fan). It’s not always easy to step away from a routine or to walk away from a to-do list but kids have a way of reminding you that magic does exist in the everyday. Giving into that magic can be tricky for us adults but when you do, it is positively contagious.


// Whenever I have moments of feeling like I’m dropping the ball as a mom or feeling inadequate, I read this article and it quickly reminds me to cut myself some slack. A great read for new moms!



good eats and good times in toronto


July 21st 2014

I’m back from a very productive week in Toronto. Although I was there for work (I will get to that), I did reserve some time to enjoy the city (read: eat, eat and eat some more). Thank you so much for your restaurant recommendations btw!

The work portion of this trip took up most of my days and that was fine by me as I was so excited about this partnership. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have caught glimpses of what I was up to. I can’t reveal too much but I can share that I was working with the lovely folks from House & Home Magazine on an upcoming Home Sense campaign #whatsyourstyle/#quelestvotrestyle. More specifically, I was asked to design two different vignettes using only Home Sense products. Each vignette would have to highlight a “hero item”. In my case, it was copper pots, pans and other accessories. Luckily, I am crazy over copper so I was totally up for the challenge. And what a challenge it was! Two days to design, assemble, style and shoot two set-ups.


I pushed myself to design something more traditional and I am just thrilled with the final result. The vignettes are so different from one another but I think they capture my style quite well. I was amazed by the array of products that Home Sense carries and I totally called shotgun on half of the accessories we used. Although I can’t share the final shots with you, I wanted to give you a glimpse of what these shoots typically look like behind-the-scenes…

IMG_4764 IMG_4772 IMG_4779IMG_4816IMG_4832IMG_4834

The final shots will appear in the October issue of House & Home, as well as in other publications and on the campaign microsite set to go live in early September. We also filmed some fun FR/ENG videos with great tips and tricks and they too will appear on the microsite and on House & Home’s website. I will be sure to keep you guys posted!

And now for the food.

And some very grainy and blurry pics. What can I say, I get the shakes when hungry.

In the last few years, T.O.’s food scene has transformed into something really special. I was in Toronto for three nights and I ate some seriously good food for all three of those nights. After a long first day of work, I arranged to meet up with an old friend at Marben, the most well-reviewed restaurant that I could find within walking distance of my hotel. I had never heard of this place but the online chatter was positive so I booked a last minute table. Beautiful patio, gorgeous interior and delicious food. The beautifully balanced charcuterie platter was the highlight for me – I may or may not have eaten the liver mousse with my fork…


The following night, my friend Sara took care of the reservations. She knew that I wanted something casual and interesting so she booked a table at Barrio Coreano, a Mexican/Korean taco place in Koreatown (what will those hispters think of next). Apparently this is the newest venture from the folks who opened the much loved Cantina and Playa Cabana. You do not go to Barrio Coreano if you want a light bite to eat. Unless you’re able to only order one taco, in which case I applaud your restraint. The food was heavy but finger licking good. We each ate three tacos and I could barely walk out of the place unassisted. The fried cheese taco is nothing short of magical and worth the visit alone.

IMG_4851 IMG_4852 IMG_4855

On my last night, my childhood friend Ben and I arranged to meet at Bar Isabel, where he works. Getting a table there is no easy feat and I was so grateful to Ben for getting us in on such short notice. Since arriving in Toronto, two people had told me about the octopus at Bar Isabel and I was dying to see what all the fuss was about. I let Ben order everything and he knocked it out of the park. Honestly one of the most memorable meals I’ve had on this side of the ocean. Every bite of food was spectacular.  And that octopus, well, you have to eat it to believe it.


IMG_4863 IMG_4866 IMG_4867


Working in Toronto this week


July 14th 2014

I’ll be in Toronto this week to work on a fun styling project with House & Home. I can’t divulge too much at this stage but be sure to check in with me via Instagram to follow my adventures in T.O. As always, all food recommendations are welcomed.

Meve xo



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